The situation was worse than B-52 Bomber,  recalls Than thi Vinh, when Wutip typhoon hit her house at Hung Trach commune, Quang Binh province in September 2013. The wind speeds reached around 185 kmph, and were accompanied with heavy rains. House with tiled roofs, such as those of Than thi Vinh, bore the major brunt. Than thi Vinh was horrified with the rattling roof and flying tiles but she also had the responsibility to save her disabled 16-year old son. Tears flow down her cheeks when she narrates her experience of that horrible day. She lost two pigs and four chickens, the only prized possession she had for her livelihood.


As part of project a project, funded by the Humanitarian Aid Department of European Commission (DGECHO), she received “cash in envelope” of 2 Million Vietnamese Dong-VND (EUR 83). With this, she bought 5 chicken and 3 pigs. Eventually all the chicken died due to avian flu and one of the pig also died. But with her strong will, she never looked back and continued to rear pigs and then she sold the remaining two pigs for 4 Million VND with a net profit of 1 Million VND and now she plans to buy another pig to continue her livelihood. With the profit she gained, she repaid her debt which she had borrowed to repair her shelter roof. She is extremely happy with the cash transfer support since it provided her flexibility and choice to cover her needs.

Similarly,Truong This Dung aged 58 years with 4 children from An Ninh commune was badly affected by Wutip and Nari typhoon since she lost all her harvested rice crop (meant for the full year food security), coupled with damage to fruit plantation in the backyard and roof of her house partially. She had no hope how to organise her livelihood but she smiles while saying that it was the project which supported her with 30 kilograms of rice seed and fertilisers. She gleams in happiness to express her gratitude to the project when she received a bumper harvest of more than 2,000 kilograms of rice from 4,500 square metre of land which is 25% higher yield than the pre-typhoon yield. She says, “the reason for good harvest was due to good quality of seeds provided and it was procured from the government authorised dealer”. She has sold 600 kg of rice for 4.5 Million VND (EUR 187), saved 55 kg for next crop and the remaining rice is sufficient for ensuring food security of her family until next year. She is extremely happy with the support and doesn’t shy in saying “if there had been no support, I would have borrowed money on debt and survive on the trauma”. It is clear that a small livelihood support has certainly brought smiles in the life of supported beneficiaries.

Wutip and Nari Typhoons hit the central provinces of Vietnam on 30 September-1 October, 2013 that brought heavy rains & strong winds for days and caused widespread damage to coastal and midland communities in Central Vietnam. Quang Binh Province was among the worst hit by the typhoon and subsequent floods. Save the Children and Plan International had joined the local government in providing emergency response support and recovery assistance to the people in affected areas.

The project titled“Early Recovery Assistance to Typhoon and Flood Affected Children and their Families in the Central Vietnam” project was funded by DGECHO from April to December 2014, implemented by both Save the Children and PLAN International in a consortium in 22 affected communes of Quang Binh province. This project has benefitted more than 3,000 families under livelihood followed by 500 families under cash transfer, more than 500 families under Water and Sanitation with integrated disaster risk reduction measures. Thus the life continues after the Wutip and Nari typhoon.

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