Our blogs on Islamic Social Finance deal with issues in management of organizations based on Islamic philanthropy, such as, zakat, awqaf, as also based on mutuality and cooperation and all other not-for-profit microfinance initiatives that are aimed at alleviating poverty and strengthening social solidarity. The blogs are authored by Dr Mohammed Obaidullah, Senior Economist with the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and Yayasan Tun Ismail (YTI) Chair Professor in Islamic Finance with the Islamic Sciences University Malaysia (USIM).

Views and opinions expressed in these blogs are personal and in no way reflect the official position of his employer.


  1. Dear. Mr. Mohammed Obaidullah,
    Your article on Salam-based microfinance by BoK III (https://sadaqa.in/2016/01/21/salam-based-microfinance-by-bok-iii/) is really fantastic. We, Human Logic Dubai, would like to use it in a training product we are creating. We would thus like to discuss the copyright-related aspects with you and earnestly request to connect for the same. We do hope you will help us with this.
    We look forward to your response in email.

  2. Assalaam, I write this as an amateur and a newcomer into the world of Islamic solidarity finance. I found this blog very lucid , easy to follow and understand. Your blog helped me to an interesting beginning. It was shocking to know that even hajj funds are used to earn riba.

    Talat yasmin

  3. AAW, Yes the blog is so good that every Muslim can Benefit from. Thank you also for your permission to announce it on the Event. I wish you could observe the event through Skype video communication live from Dar es salaam. Lets arrange if it is possible
    Executive Director- TAMPRO

  4. Walaikum Assalam Br Mohamed

    Jazakallahu khair for your encouraging words. Yes, you may make the announcement regarding the blog among your community of intellectuals. InshaAllah, this blog is going to be witness continuous improvement and enrichment in terms of contents and I invite your friends to visit it and benefit from it.


    Mohammed Obaidullah

  5. Assalam Alaykum Brother Mohamed

    I have gone on your wordpress http://isolidarity.wordpress.com/. It is truly informative and have so much updated information and relevant to today challenges we are Facing.

    I’m the Head of Business and Community Development Department at Tanzania Muslim Professionals Association in United Republic of Tanzania. At the moment we are busy preparing for Welcoming Ramadhan Conference where we bring in most of the Muslim professionals from all sectors and discuss issues that will help Tanzania Muslims Community socially, politically and economically. This year we are focusing on Islam and Poverty alleviation strategies where with your websites we can have a lot to work on.

    From this note, first we congratulate you and the team involved for the good job and Allah will pay you all inshaallah, Second we just need your approval so that we can also launch it during this coming Ramadhan Conference in Partnership of Tanzania Muslims Professional Association so that to enable the professional muslims community to have a source of having updated information and share any inputs among legal, health, engineering, business, and many more professionals to position in much better way Islam.

    We are planning to keep in contact with you and see if one day can visit Tanzania and get to see your brothers and sisters and see how we can maximize our relationships.

    Thanking you in advance and hopeful you will be confortable for us to announce it to more than 300 muslims professional live on 15th July, 2012 Inshaallah. I have copied here in top leaderships of our organization for further positive feedback and discussion.


    Head, Business and Community Development Clinic
    Tanzania Muslim Professionals Association (TAMPRO)

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